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strength-conditioning-611x383There is a huge misconception when it comes to baseball players and lifting weights. A lot of people think baseball players should stick with bands and light weights when training for the baseball season or not even lift weights at all. But how is an athlete supposed to get stronger and more explosive if they are not strength training? If you want to increase speed, arm strength, bat speed, and power then strength training is a must for all baeball players!

It is important to understand the difference between training for bodybuilding and training for performance, especially as an overhead athlete. For a baseball player we want to get stronger but make sure we keep our flexibility and joint range of motion, especially through our hips and shoulders, so it is important to focus more on performance based training and not just getting as big and strong as possible. It is also important to spend time progressing through the different phases of training to help mitigate injuries and prepare your body for baseball specific movements.

Here at Future Phenoms Baseball Training, Gabe Torres (Strength Coach Washington Nationals Organization), will construct a workout program for you based on your primary position, goals, and past injuries. The reason we....Read More

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How it Works (Ages 14+)

1. Purchase your package
2. We send you a questionnaire
3. Return questionnaire and send videos for Functional Movement Screening
4. Gabe creates individualized program
5. We mail the program to your front door

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