Coach Matt Jordan is originally from Los Angeles, CA where he grew up and played baseball in high school and college.  As a high school player, Coach Jordan won the LA City Championship in 2012 as a captain of the Cleveland HS team at Dodger Stadium, played for the Dodger Elite team for 2011, played on the Cincinnati Reds scout team throughout his junior and senior years, was invited to the Area Code games, and won both a state and western regional championship in the America Legion postseason tournament, finishing 4th in the country.

After that he went to junior college, playing at Los Angeles Valley College winning the Western State Conference championship and going to the state tournament.  Coach Jordan earned a scholarship to Newman University where he became a starting pitcher for 2 years finishing his athletic career.  To continue being involved with the game he loves, Matt then became the general manager and a coach for the Wichita Reds summer team before going to Fielder's Choice to start his own organization called the Wichita Aeros. This year the Aeros organization will have 10 teams ranging from 8 year olds to 18 year olds.

Coach Jordan has coached 3 players who have been drafted and many others who’ve earned scholarships to different colleges. Matt is currently the head coach at Circle High School and will be doing the online pitching instruction for Future Phenoms Baseball Training.

Pitching Instructor